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Paintings By Tony™️ 2020


Landscape Paintings 2020

Kelly's Cove ©️ 2019
Kelly's Cove ©️ 2019

This Is A New Beginning

A new year and so, a new beginning!

This website will be linked to my original website, and visa versa.

All of the copyright, trademark, download, and reproduction rules apply to this website that are on the old website.*

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All of my paintings are painted using the Bob Ross wet on wet method, and with Bob Ross brand oil paints, mediums and brushes

Hofcraft , The Painter's Source

This is where I purchase all of my paints and brushes. Their prices are very reasonable. They are courteous and prompt when I have any questions or concerns.

Here is their phone number

(800) 828-0359

Here is their email address

This is well worth a look!

Her name is Lovelymess Addict in Recovery